Basketball Players Show Off as Much Off the Court as They Do On

 - Jan 3, 2014
References: four-pins & four-pins
Once upon a time basketball players were revered for their on-court actions. They put in hours of work in the gym to show viewers what some of the world's best athletes could do. This hasn't exactly changed but now there's a whole new aspect to their game.

Basketball player fashion is a thing, these sweaty behemoth of men are now fashion icons. From the now iconic colourful Westbrook wayfarers to Paul George's Amoeba covered button-ups the NBA is taking the fashion world by storm.

Even the league itself is taking notice after making a rule where players and coaches absolutely must wear suits if they are on the bench, even if they are inactive.

The NBA seems to be the first to catch onto the fashion boom in sports. We'll see what league is up next.

Implications - NBA athletes are looked up to by many, what they wear or support many others will as well. Putting any sort of branding behind athletes is generally a good bet, especially when they’re elite players.