Bon Appetit's Basil Ice Cream Boasts Buttermilk and Salt Ingredients

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: bonappetit
Bon Appetit's basil lice cream recipe is a healthier alternative to traditional frozen treats. The savory dessert is made from a heavy cream and milk base and also features egg yolks, sugar and buttermilk ingredients. Once blended, the concoction is infused with a hint of kosher salt -- added for flavoring -- along with basil leaves and bittersweet chocolate.

As savory desserts become more common among health-conscious foodies, gourmet chefs and food bloggers are experimenting with new ways to elevate traditional frozen treats. This basil ice cream recipe from Bon Appetit is creative and delicious, appealing to refined tastes while ensuring one's snacking habits don't result in unwanted calories -- often associated with store-bought frozen treats.