The Barbecue Documentary Looks at Grilling Around the World

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: facebook & eater
The Barbecue documentary might seem to take a strange choice of subject, but the act of grilling meat is far more integral to humankind than one might initially realize. The upcoming Netflix doc, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, explores barbecuing practices around the world and the profound impact that grilling can have on individuals and cultures.

Humans are the only species on Earth to use fire to cook meat, and indeed the practice is part of why early humans were able to thrive. Cooking meat kills potentially deadly bacteria and viruses, and so the earliest forms of barbecuing were more than just cooking methods — they were methods of survival. No wonder, then, that grilling has become such an crucial cultural keystone for civilizations around the world and across time.