The GE X500 Camera Ads by Bangkokshowcase Bring Monuments Closer

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: bangkokshowcase & adsoftheworld
To show the zoom power of the GE X500 camera by General Electric, Thailand-based agency Bangkokshowcase brought the monument itself to the hands of tourists. These clever camera ads remove the distance between the landmark and the tourist to advertise to consumers the powerful zoom of this digital gadget.

These prints feature the hands of a tourist taking a picture of a famous monument from a far distance, but the zoom does such a fantastic job that the landmark looks as though it can be touched. With the tagline "Handle the distance," these ads show, for instance, that when zoomed in, this ultra-zoom lens can give you a crystal-clear close-up of the eyes of the Statue of Liberty. In these ads, the zoom is so extraordinary that the monument becomes the camera itself.

The GE X500 Camera ads by Bangkokshowcase brilliantly exaggerate the power of the lens to attract consumers' attention.