The Reporters Without Borders Campaign Urges Us to Ban Journalist Hunting

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: jwt & ibelieveinadv
Turn on the news, read the newspaper or even scroll throw headlines on Twitter and I'm sure that you'll see something about another news reporter being kidnapped, brutalized or even killed; therefore the Reporters Without Borders Ban Journalist Hunting ad campaign is more than appropriate, it is necessary. These people -- who are far from animals that we should also be treating with love and respect -- risk their lives on a daily basis to shed light on events that need to be brought to the world's attention.

Unfortunately, by doing so, reporters put themselves in the line of fire. Yet they do so knowingly and willingly. What they don't sign up for is being pursued and harmed on purpose. The Ban Journalist Hunting ad campaign ultimately helps us as we strive to help them.