This Japanese Bamboo Office Contains Work Spaces on Different Planes

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: m-s-ds & spoon-tamago
This Japanese bamboo office, called Pillar Grove, is filled with vertical bamboo slats and concrete planes that serve as work spaces.

The bamboo office is the new workplace of Japanese design studio Mamiya Shinichi Design. Its postmodern aesthetic doesn't take away from the practicality of the space. It offers plenty of air and light, with the bamboo pillars causing much less obstruction to natural sunlight than conventional walls would. It also gives a unique sense of simultaneous privacy and community. Workers can remove themselves to different areas of the concrete planes to focus on individual projects, and yet remain part of the communal office environment due to the lack of dividing walls. From the outside, the bamboo office is a minimalist structure, appearing as a simple cube with uniformly spaced square windows.