The New Chocolate and Banana Bam Milkshakes are All Natural

 - Oct 7, 2017
References: foodbev
The new Banana and Chocolate flavors from Bam Milkshakes are positioned as being a tasty option that are made without the use of unwanted ingredients to keep them as a permissible indulgence for those with a sweet tooth.

The milkshakes are made without the use of refined sugar and are sweetened with honey, while the rest of the recipe is kept as simple as possible with milk, cocoa and banana being the others on the list. The shakes are packed with 11 grams of protein to make them a delicious yet satisfying snack.

Speaking on the new Bam Milkshakes flavors, the brand said in a statement that, "With honey appealing to 41% of UK adults as an alternative to refined white sugar, it’s ideal for customers looking for a hit of natural goodness to keep them going."