The Balloon Bird Nesting Box Meets its Tenants Halfway

 - Aug 12, 2010
References: biscuitstudio & design-milk
The Balloon Bird Nesting Box was designed by Renata Manau of Biscuit Studio as a simple but functional living space for our winged friends. The form of this unconventional birdhouse is well-suited to cradle a nest within, and birds can build and access it through a small oblong shape suggestive of a cartoon-like rendering of shine on the surface.

Where the balloon-shaped nesting box offers birds a comfortable and sheltered home hovering above the branches, it also embraces another ecological concern with respect to its materiality. It was manufactured in the United Kingdom using environmentally-aware and energy efficient means of production, while all packaging is made from recycled paper products. Iconic, playful and clever, the Balloon Bird Nesting Box is delightful, and the birds will surely agree.