This Tutorial Teaches You How to Make a Dinosaur Balloon Animal

 - Aug 27, 2013
References: asubtlerevelry
These DIY dinosaur balloon animals take the traditional While balloon animals shaped like dogs, cats and swans and kicks it up a notch. Put a smile on the faces of all the children at your kid's next birthday party by making them innovative stegosaurus balloon animals.

While this spiked back dinosaur balloon may look complicated, it's actually really simple to make and only a few twists and turns away from a traditional balloon dog. To make the dinosaurs, you can use virtually any color of balloon. Make the stegosaurus' spiked back you have to carefully twist one piece of the balloon five times and fold each tiny balloon circle in on itself. Remember to leave an extended portion of the balloon for the dinosaur's neck and there you have it, your very own balloon stegosaurus.