The Balbins Embody Irregular Forms with Repeated Lattice Detailing

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: numero111
These Balbins dishes represent a class of products that are considered by many to be above mass-produced items. Crafted in collaboration with Brigitte Long, these beautiful bowls are asymmetric, detailed and utterly unique, making them the sorts of possessions that you would prefer to display proudly.

The numéro111 objects are made from shapes of ceramic material that have undergone some gentle molding to create irregularly formed depressions and edges. Where the surfaces slop between the bases and the perimeters, the designers took the opportunity to create great detail. Small slits were cut into the pre-fired porcelain in repeated and regular patterns. These were opened up to make net-like textures in the Balbins bowls, affording fascinating optical impressions. Practically speaking, this treatment also enables your apples and pears to breathe.