The Bad Barbie Bitch Collection by Cotton Candy Punk is not for Dolls

Today's underground fashion scene is blowing up with bold, in-your-face, fearless fashions, like those seen in the Bad Barbie Bitch collection. With fashion designers like Niki Lipstick, Pet Shop Girl, New York Couture, Pretty Little Star Clothing and so many others that are ushering in a new age avant-garde individuality, many are cluing in to the fact that life is too short not to live life fabulously and fearlessly.

Today's fashion has meaning. Even though the mainstream celebs are eating this fashion up, it is not mindlessly pretty. The Bad Barbie Bitch collection by Cotton Candy Punk Couture has that good-girl-gone-bad edge perfect for the sweetheart rebel in every girl. With snapback bondage, peplum and cut-out cocktail and party dresses that make you the life of party, this collection is heavily inspired by today's underaged fashion, model street style and Barbie, of course! It's the perfect mixture of hard edge and femininity.