'Baby Wee Wee'

 - Oct 21, 2008
References: thingamababy
Famosa created Baby Wee Wee a few years ago, designed for young girls who like to play mommy. But along with this baby boy doll came major parental concerns: Just how far is too far for peeing baby dolls?

This one really seems to have crossed some lines, and has recently drawn some major controversy. Check out the real commercial for this peeing doll and decide for yourself. Would you get this for your child?

Baby Wee Wee drinks his bottle, then waddles around and waves his hand back and forth across his crotch to let his owner know he has to pee. Once the doll’s pants are pulled down he -- and his anatomically correct private parts -- pees realistically. Although no longer being sold by Famosa, Baby Wee Wees are available on eBay.