Take Note and Caution of These Potential Hazards in Your Nursery

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: healthychild.org
I don’t particularly wish to enforce any new levels of paranoia to new mothers than they already have to deal with, but getting some of the points made in this baby nursery tips infographic out there is important.

The chart mainly deals with the health hazards that are unseen and are generally unheard of. For instance did you know that around 72% of all baby cribs have been made with potentially dangerous chemicals such as antibacterials and waterproof finishings?

Thankfully the infographic doesn't leave its reader hanging with sheer mania and offers tips to prevent these hazards. The tips offered are simple and intuitive.

If you are wondering, the way to avoid dangerous chemicals on baby cribs is simply to make sure that the material is organic or that the product is Greenguard certified.