Marks & Spencer is Selling Two-Ounce Baby Avocados

 - Sep 3, 2016
References: foodandwine
Knowing that the avocado is a fruit that is near and dear to the hearts of many health-conscious consumers, Marks & Spencer began selling "baby avocados" that are about half the size of regular avocados. These two-ounce avocados have come to be known as "babycados" for their small size.

While these small avocados are nothing more than Hass avocados grown in Spain that were rejected for being too small, there are plenty of consumers who have taken quite an interest in them. These small-scale avocados provide the perfect amount of food for enhancing a small dip or dish, without giving consumers the need to worry about using the rest of the fruit before it goes bad.

While these baby avocados were first only being sold in the UK, they are now also being spotted at farmer's markets in Santa Monica.