Axel Brechensbauer is Influenced by Our Relationship With Nature

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: mynameisaxel & fastcodesign
The work of Barcelona-based artist Axel Brechensbauer is a modern version of the ancient totem art form, although many might not see the similarities at first. Each stunningly surreal sculpture has a quirkiness that will appeal to contemporary consumers.

Axel Brechensbauer isn’t, however, concerned with being quirky. Instead, his work is "influenced by our relation with nature and our obsession to be different from her," as he puts it. He achieves this through colorful, geometric shapes that take both familiar and abstract forms. It is through these odd forms that Axel Brechensbauer shows "how we believe that our intellect is better than evolution."

These whimsical pieces of art are quite different from Axel Brechensbauer’s previous work as a product designer.