Awkward Elevator Created These Funny Spandex-Free Super Suits

These heroes, photoshopped by Awkward Elevator don’t need spandex to fight crime, their superhero outfits are way more comfortable and functional because they’re made from denim. Never again will they have to deal with their spandex pants ripping in the middle or getting them snagged on sharp objects. Batman, Thor and Captain America are much more equipped in their durable denims. These superheroes aren’t afraid to come to work dressed down because they know they can still kick serious villain butt.

Batman loves his baggy jeans but Thor is more of a daisy duke kind of man. Captain America likes the bleached denim look while Hawkeye digs his distressed skinny jeans. We can’t forget about Black Widow who seems to love her boyfriend jeans.

This hilarious photoshop was posted by Tumblr user Awkward Elevator and they were right on point with these super casual Friday superhero outfits.