The Terminal Bar Serves an Avocado Cocktail That Prepared Like Tea

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: westword & westword
Fruit is a common addition to alcoholic drinks, but the Chile Vodka Avocado cocktail by The Terminal Bar takes a whole new approach to creative infusions.

The bar takes pride in using seasonal ingredients and for the summer menu manager Rae Raymond challenged herself to working the flavors of a creamy avocado into a drink.

The drink's base is prepared with a two vodkas that have been infused spicy and sweet peppers, which compliments the ingenious avocado simple syrup. Inspired by the way tea is made, Raymond used the flesh of the avocado fruit and added it to hot water, so that it could be steeped. Once cooled, the flavor was amplified by adding sugar to form a light, flavorful avocado syrup to be combined with the vodka mixture.