Aviary by Sara Angelucci Portray Creatures About to Become Ghosts

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: sara-angelucci & beautifuldecay
Embracing the superimposed style that is a current favorite among photographers, Aviary by Sara Angelucci, an artist based in Toronto, Canada, overlays images of birds on top of vintage portraits. Hauntingly surreal, these human-animal hybrids represent something larger than themselves. Angelucci writes, "Made by combining photographs of endangered or extinct North American birds with anonymous nineteenth century cartes-de-visite portraits--they portray creatures about to become ghosts."

By combining the two, Aviary by Sara Angelucci makes a poignant observation that people are as fragile as nature and wildlife. Yet it also comments on the idea of stepping into another perspective entirely. Angelucci asks, "Might we then imagine the Aviary portraits as chimera suspended in a state of empathy, and wonder what our treatment of other sentient beings might be if we could feel what they feel, or see what they see?"