The Volkswagen 'Zimmer' Autonomous Concept Car is Entertaining

 - Nov 23, 2016
References: yankodesign
The rise of the autonomous car brings to mind a number of questions regarding what drivers will be doing when inside vehicles, so the Volkswagen 'Zimmer' is an autonomous concept car that imagines the possibilities.

Designed by Hanchi Yun, the Volkswagen 'Zimmer' is first and foremost a form of autonomous transportation. The interior space is capable of being customized into a number of different orientations in order to suit different needs. Passengers can partake in some digital entertainment, sit and enjoy a meal and much more thanks to the expansive space within the autonomous concept car.

The Volkswagen 'Zimmer' identifies a direction that we could see passenger vehicles go once autonomous technologies begin to be rolled out on a more widespread scale.