Michelin's Automotive Tire Concept is 3D-Printed and Rechargeable

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: 3dprint
At its Movin’ On global sustainability summit in Montreal, Canada, Michelin unveiled a forward-thinking automotive tire concept that "represents the mobility of the future as well as being both sustainable and intelligent."

The 3D-printed Vision tire takes the form of a wheel integrated with a tire, or a "tweel." As well as boasting a look that is organic and futuristic, the tire design also sets itself apart by being airless and rechargeable. To construct the printed tire, recycled materials were used, including everything from cardboard and plastic waste, as well as e-waste, natural rubber, bamboo and even food scraps like orange zest.

As a whole, the design boasts a look that resembles the structure of coral. At its center, the design is stiff and unyielding, yet the puncture-proof airless tire boasts a softer form near its outer edges.