Automotive Concept Is Very Different From Any Conventional Car

 - Aug 23, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
John Villarreal's Automotive Concept is a futuristic car that is very different from any conventional auto. The two-seater has a driving cabin similar to the cockpit of a jet fighter. Using its external cameras for sight, this vehicle requires no windshield for the driver to see through.

John Villarreal Automotive Concept is powered by a twin turbo V-12 engine capable of producing 923hp, with the top speed of 217mph.

Implications - It doesn't take an expert to see that a car like this would take years to come to fruition, but that does not diminish the quality and raw sex appeal John Villarreal's Automotive Concept has. Personally, if I ever had enough money where a car like this would be in my purview, I'd pounce. If only for the stares you would get driving this down your street.