This Animated Short Tells Parents About the Early Signs of Autism

 - Nov 6, 2015
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'Autism Speaks' created this insightful and touching autism awareness campaign that teaches compassion and understanding around the early signs of autism. Directed largely toward parents, the creative stop-animation short puts viewers in the shoes of an autistic child.

The short follows the journey of a young boy who starts off travelling down a river and encounters different scenes that he is not comfortable with. Touching on a sensitivity to light and sounds, lack of eye contact and problems with speech -- the PSA does a good job at informing about the wide spectrum of autism without stereotyping.

Created in partnership with ad agency BBDO and the Ad Council, these TV spots were inspired by a real young boy with autism named Jacob. The shorts are a part of the 'Learn the Signs' autism awareness campaign that hopes to give parents and caregivers better information and resources.