Austin Maynard Architects Designed a House with a Unique Shingle Pattern

 - Apr 10, 2017
References: maynardarchitects & dezeen
Austin Maynard Architects, an Australian studio, recently designed a complex of housing volumes that are unified by their unique facades. Each of the three blocks that make up the family home are covered in differently patterned slate shingles, all of which stand out from the typical rectangular pattern that tops houses around the world.

Firstly, Austin Maynard Architects' home blocks are covered in shingles not only on their roofs, but on the siding as well. Beyond that, these shingles themselves come in uncommon shapes, with one looking like bricks, another like diamonds, and a third like scales. The scaled unit is perhaps the most interesting of all, as the shingles proceed only about halfway down the outside wall. This gives the illusion of the house having been dipped upside-down in shingles, like an ice cream cone being covered in chocolate.