Audrii Muscipula by Tim Price Looks Like a Venus Flytrap

Like an alien version of the infamous Venus Flytrap, the Audrii muscipula sculpture rises from a humble terracotta pot with a thin stem and gaping jaw. Unlike the carnivorous plant, this terrifying work of art is far from lush and lively. Instead, the bone white creature takes after the Xenomorph from the cult classic movie 'Alien.' Audrii muscipula might forego the aliens' classic dark exterior, but it does boast the disturbing head-within-head feature.

Created by Tim Prince of Forgotten Boneyard, the Audrii muscipula sculpture is crafted out of real animal skeletons. The stem is a Mink vertebrae while the 'bloom' has been fashioned out of box turtle shells, skunk skull, coyote teeth and raccoon mandibles. A perfect decor for Halloween, Audrii muscipula is masterfully unique and creepy.