The Audi Prologue Avant Show Hints At Future Audi Wagon Designs

 - Mar 2, 2015
References: audi-mediaservices & gizmag
The Audi prologue Avant show car is a luxury vehicle that borrows the design language of the 2014 Prologue concept and seamlessly applies it to a wagon body, making for a gorgeous concept that will hopefully become reality. The concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Audi prologue Avant show wagon is claimed to have a range of 54 km on electric power. Charging is set to be carried out using a wireless charging solution that is currently in development.

Maneuvering big cars like this one is no easy task, so Audi has chosen to outfit the vehicle with a rear-wheel steering system which turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speed. At high speed, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels, making for more stable handling.

While Audi hasn't yet revealed when the system will be ready for widespread production, its classy design and performance specs mean it will surely be highly anticipated by auto geeks and petrolheads.