ATX Cocina is Decorated with Bright Blond Wood

 - Dec 28, 2017
References: dezeen
For those serious about cuisine, the restaurant is the church of food, and Michael Hsu Office of Architecture indeed used aspects of religious architecture in designing the interior of ATX Cocina, a restaurant in downtown Austin, Texas. Though covered in bright and airy pine, the Mexican eatery has a curved ceiling reminiscent of the vaulted arches in Gothic cathedrals.

Aside from that subtle religious reference, the restaurant is more reminiscent of a Bohemian space than it is a medieval church. The design features light colors that reflect the ample light flowing into the space from outdoors, and it uses screens as partitions rather than full walls to better allow that natural light to spread through the entirety of the restaurant.

Located on the ground floor of a residential building, the restaurant clearly takes cues from home design.