These Sports Benches Keep the Perfect Climate

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: athleticrecoveryzone & core77
An athletic bench is as important to a team as any other part of the arena.

The bench is where the team sits, the coach operates and the official resting station for weary players. The typical bench is only marginally comfortable, after all it is just a bench. These temperature controlled benches are different though, as they provide a refreshing experience for players.

The Recovery Zone bench made a major television debut at the Superbowl but has been around for a fair bit of time in major sports. While they may look clunkier than the average bench, they house a temperature adjustment feature that cools it down and refreshes athletes.

These athletic benches cannot be bought, only rented, and require a forklift and a decent amount of man power and plumbing to operate.