The Assembly Photo Series Captures Anonymous Girls in Vast Landscapes

 - Aug 15, 2014
References: & featureshoot
Assembly is a stirringly enchanting if slightly peculiar photo series, captured by Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami, that consists of depictions of young girls in a backdrop of stunning landscapes. The girls' faces are not scene so they remain anonymous, with no identity. This gives the photos an air of mystery, with many of them looking like stills from a strange movie.

Each location used in the Assembly photos were carefully selected to nurture and enhance the theme of anonymity. The backdrops are at once surreal yet minimal, with the forests, fields and beaches providing a vast and seemingly endless landscape for the girls to enjoy.

The scenes captured in the photo series are beautifully staged, with some of them depicting the girls performing playful actions in perfect unison. Other photos show the girls doing what they like and enjoying their free will.