The Asphalt Jungle Series by Type-B Replants Rather than Repaves

 - Apr 11, 2012
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The Asphalt Jungle series takes advantage of a common concrete occurrence. City workers often have to cut holes into streets in order to study the quality of soil beneath such sections. Afterwards, these holes are left for someone else to take care of. Type-B, a creative agency based in Amsterdam and founded by Marc ter Horst, has decided to get to these potholes before other city workers do.

Once there, Type-B replants rather than repaves the concrete holes. Forgoing more cement for vibrant plant life instead, the Asphalt Jungle series was born. Simple and sweet, the sight of just one of these out of place plants will lift spirits and inspire smiles. The Asphalt Jungle series is an positive art installation that betters the city of Amsterdam.