Gary Oldman Challenges You to Ask the Internet About the HTC One M8

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: htc & adverblog
The HTC One 'Ask the Internet' commercial for the M8 stars Gary Oldman and right off the bat, he says: "I could tell you how brilliant the new HTC One is, but I won't."

From there, Oldman goes on to discuss that the HTC One M8 isn't a smartphone for everyone and that it caters to those who like to form their own opinions. At about 30 seconds in, Oldman pauses and challenges the user to "ask the Internet" and for the rest of the minute-long commercial, he waits and says nothing else.

The ad is a brilliant way to poke fun at the influence consumers on social media and the web have, as well as distinguish that the phone is targeted towards self-thinkers, which is hopefully a group that most people want to be a part of.