Friendly Scales By Alice Wang

 - Mar 7, 2008
References: alice-wang & elitalice
Alice Wang is one of my favourite concept artists. Everything she does is interesting and thought provoking. This also is the case with her newest project, that is called Asimov's First Law.

Let's talk about artificial intelligence. Let's talk about how machines could harm us. Let's talk about how some domestic appliances are already affecting how we feel about ourselves. Yes, let's talk about scales, and the negative impact they have on our self-confidence. Let's talk about how we could avoid this emotionally stressing experience.

Half Truth:
Use a middleman between you and the scale. Choose someone who loves you enough to tell you either only a half-truth, or who transmits the truth nicely.

White Lies:
Having a bad day? Spent the weekend at your parents? Just stand on the edge of the scale to stay away from reality. The closer you step to the hand, the closer you get to reality.

Open Secret:
This is a risky one. This scale sends a message to the chosen mobile phone with your weight. Make sure to choose wisely.. don't be the fun of a group of people on a random pub crawl!

Me, I don't keep a scale. My only scale is my favourite dress. If it fits, everything is OK. If it doesn't, it's time to give up biscuits and cheese for a few days!