The Asan Shower Gel 'Shower Like a Man' Ad is Revealing

For those men out there who realize that sensuously cleansing their body in the shower is unmanly, this Asan Shower Gel 'Shower Like a Man' commercial is sure to please. Winner at the Cannes Lion festival, this ad shows exactly what happens when men take a shower.

The great part about this ad is that it makes fun of how contrived certain men's cleanser commercials really are. The Asan Shower Gel 'Shower Like a Man' ad simply captures an everyday man cleansing himself, but the voice-over is done like a traditional ad with hilarious results. Check it out and beware of the bare bottom!

Implications - With so many products on the market, consumers are looking for ways to emotionally connect with a commodity. Displaying a realistic perspective as a marketing tactic is a great way to gain trust with a customer and sell more products to these individuals in the future.