These Stylish Watches Celebrate the Famous Artist Salvador Dali

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: amazon & droold
Artist Salvador Dali is known to many as the father of the surrealism art movement with his celebrate paintings such as The Persistence of Memory and Swans Reflecting Elephants. To commemorate Dali's unbelievable talent and unique art style, this surreal Salvador Dali watch depicts the eccentric artist in all his glory inside the watch's face.

This elegant and minimalist watch features a sleek black wrist band and a number-free face. Instead of having numbers numbers, this watch face creatively highlights the artist's outlandish personality with an eyebrow-raised image of Dali. The watch hands cleverly replicate Dali's iconic long and curly black mustache and function to also tell the time. Whenever you wear this Dali watch, people will automatically know you're a fan of the strange surreal artist's iconic work.