Levi van Veluw Destroys Matter in 'The Collapse of Cohesion'

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
In his work titled 'The Collapse of Cohesion,' artist Levi van Veluw from the Netherlands destroys structures with his hands. The series includes elements from Veluw's bedroom as a child where he completely destroys furniture and objects within the images. There are desks, cupboards and cabinets that fall into vortexes and shatter into pieces.

It is said that within this project: "Human structures are affected by forces of nature...and in this way realigned into a new, natural order of things." Veluw shows us that out of this chaos comes order, where destruction brings new life and new opportunities. Within each image dark shading is used but there are also bright lights centered around the destruction. The drawings are made using charcoal on paper where artist Levi van Veluw bring us right to the center of the mayhem.