Artist Hugh Turvey Produces Compelling Transparent Art Images

British artist Hugh Turvey turns ordinary objects into interesting transparent x-ray art. Turvey's photograph Femme Fatale features a foot in a dangerously high stiletto, in the hopes of depicting the actual pressure and pain females undergo. Turvey manages to add an artistic touch to ordinary objects. Artist Hugh Turvey coined the term "xogram" to describe his artwork, which is a mash-up between an x-ray and a photogram produced by placing an object on light-sensitive paper.

Turvey's most recent xograms have been suitcases and luggage pieces shot for travel magazines. Turvey produces xograms of a wide range of objects such as wrapped presents, motorcycles, musical instruments and duffle bags. The purpose of his work is to show objects from a density point of view. The compelling art pieces make people stop and think about the internal details that are often overlooked.