Artist Florian Nicolle Illustrates Dance with Math Equations

 - Oct 22, 2012
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Illustrator, graphic designer and artist Florian Nicolle has created a captivating series of illustrations that features the science behind break dancing. Nicolle takes a scientific approach to the popular urban dance form by using various angles, mathematical equations and integers.

The title for the series is called Break Dance Volnorez and there is still not very much information on the illustrations, as it is still very new. Florian Nicolle is a 25 year-old artist who lives and works in Caen, France. He graduated as a graphic designer but plans on moving to Paris to persue his illustrations.

What I like most about these break dancing illustrations is that so much attention was put into the angles and measurements of each dance move, and Nicolle even adds in the angle at which the dancer's hat is located.