Artist Duma Illustrates Portraits Omitting Upper Portions of the Head

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: dumaarte & cuded
The women in these illustrations by artist Duma all have a mysterious air surrounding them. How this effect is achieved, however, isn’t a mystery as it’s obvious Duma’s omission of the upper portions of these ladies' heads give them their magnetism. Viewers long to peer into the eyes of Duma’s subjects, but they’re greeted instead with teases such as the women’s sultry lips and flawless complexion. This forces audiences to fill in the blanks and project their image of beauty onto these portraits.

Artist Duma, who currently lives and works in Oeiras, Portugal, renders these illustrations using acrylic paint. Curiously, rather than blending in skin tones, she prefers to leave her subjects’ complexion in colored sections mimicking the look of vector graphics. The rest of the ladies’ features, namely the lips, hair and nail polish, are all painted realistically.