Artist Jian Guo Constructs a Line of Lord of The Rings and Hobbit Art

Chinese artist Jian Guo has dived into the mythical middle world for inspiration for his latest pieces.

So inspired by the popular The Lord of Rings story, Guo began on an art escapade detailing the entire story into a number of beautiful masterpieces. When the prequel The Hobbit had surfaced, Guo couldn’t help but continue his magnificent middle earth artwork and began on a line of The Hobbit themed artworks as well. In his first piece, he tells the entire tale of The Hobbit through intricate detail and bold colors. He then began to work on a second piece retelling the tale of when the dwarves show up at Bilbo’s hobbit hole.

Artist Jian Guo’s work is as magical and heartwarming as the stories themselves and have arrived just in time for the second Hobbit film.