Molecule R's Scent-Focused Product Enhances One's Tasting Experience

 - Jun 8, 2015
References: molecule-r
Molecule R is a molecular gastronomy brand that specializes in artisanal and high-tech dining tools like this aromatic serving set. Aiming to enhance the way one tastes and experiences food, the product will change the way that flavor is perceived.

While a traditional tasting experience is limited to 5 primary sensations, this aromatic serving set brings out hidden flavors with products like the AROMASPOON -- a utensil that stimulates the flow of scents that are experienced upon inhalation.

When blended with regular sensations, these aromatic fumes enhance one's overall dining experience, taking it to new heights. Molecule R's kit comes complete with a serving plate, 3 AROMASPOONS, 3 droppers and 50 aroma diffusers making it a great gift for experimental foodies.