The Marketing Campaign for Aroma Rich Juliette Helps You Find Your Romeo

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: japantrends
"Which Romeo would you want to fall in love with?" is the question that's been driving the marketing campaign for Aroma Rich Juliette, a new brand of fabric softener, and funnily enough it's working!

The idea of using sexual appeal as the motivating factor for a purchase is as old as the 1920s penny ads the method first appeared in. Aroma Rich Juliette hopes to up the ante, however, with their newest marketing campaign that actually delivers your romantic crush. The aromatic fabric softener is aimed at single women who fantasize about being someone's "Juliette" for an evening -- in this case, the Romeos are mostly foreign models who hope to meet their Japanese darling. A vote will eventually be held to not only determine which of the models is 'The Next Romeo,' but which Aroma Rich customer will be escorted by him. The winner will live the product's fantasy for an evening spent at the theater, watching a performance of the actual Romeo and Juliet.