The Aroha Silhouettes Combine Legal and Illegal Drugs in Jewelry

 - Dec 9, 2013
References: arohasilhouettes.blogspot
Canada-based accessory company Aroha Silhouettes has created a series of neck jewelry that has everything to do with drugs. In a completely original drug addictions collection called Wearable Vices, Tania Hennessy, the owner of Aroha Silhouettes, has mixed fashion with drugs in a molecular, scientific kind of way. She has created six original necklaces for her designer drug series. The necklaces range from molecularly simplistic to more complicated molecular structures.

Each item is made from lightweight stainless steel finished in a smooth matte black powdered coating, complete with a beautiful gun metal chain. The collection includes ‘The Coffee and Cigarettes Necklace,’ ‘The Caffeine and Nicotine Molecules,’ ‘The Overdose Necklace,’ a combination of LSD, cocaine, THC, MDMA and Psylocybin, ‘The Spliff Necklace,’ ‘The Tripping Balls Necklace,’ ‘The Hallucinogenic Necklace’ with LSF, DMT and Psylocybin.

Photo Credits: Aroha Silhouettes