Finland's 'Arctic SnowHotel' Offers Guests Access to Igloos and Snow Saunas

Finland has taken a different approach to relaxation with the 'Arctic SnowHotel' -- a spa retreat complete with igloos and a snow sauna.

This experiential-based retreat can accommodate up to 70 people, in beds made of ice and snow, topped with reindeer fur-filled sleeping bags. Each year, the Ice Hotel is carved differently, meaning no two experiences will feel or look the same -- promising a totally unique getaway. Inside the snow sauna, guests are invited to relax as the melting ice walls provide a relaxing steam. Eventually, the sauna melts entirely, simply prompting the hotel to build another one.

The hotel, which only operates during the winter months, combines both unique excitement with relaxation to help consumers achieve a one-of-a-kind experience.