Arcade Fire’s Interactive Video Fuses with Your Smartphone

 - Sep 11, 2013
References: justareflektor & wired
Arcade Fire’s interactive video for the single ‘Reflektor’ allows viewers to alter the video as they’re watching it via their smartphone.

Previously, Arcade Fire released the interactive ‘Wilderness Project,' a video that played on the nostalgia factor by Google-imaging viewers’ childhood homes. With the Reflektor video, a collaboration between Vincent Morriset and Aaron Koblim, viewers connect their phone to their web browser and are able to add effects or distort the look of the video simply by moving the phone. The visual variations depend on what kind of movement you’re making and how close the phone is to the computer.

According to the creators, the motion of playing with the phone is meant to evoke a playful, childlike sensation. However, the truly climactic moment occurs at the video’s end, when viewers catch a glimpse of themselves (via their webcam) on the computer, and the video's protagonist ends up trapped in your phone. Arcade Fire’s interactive video is a powerful medium to convey the songs message and comment on media-saturated culture.