This Aquaponic Greenhouse is Located on Top of a Metalworking Shop

 - Sep 6, 2015
References: & techcrunch
'Edenworks' is a New York-based startup that is running a self-sufficient aquaponic greenhouse on top of a local metalworking shop. In countries around the world, many people have turned to urban gardens as a means of supplementing the local food supply. This innovative rooftop garden not only grows its own produce but runs entirely on fish-based fertilizers.

The aquaponic greenhouse builds on the concept of virtual farming by growing a number of different foods on top of one another. The stacked growing beds contain a soil-free growing solution that produces various leafy greens and herbs. Unlike other rooftop gardens, all of the plants at Edenworks are fed fish manure. The beds are connected to a large fish tank that transfers wastewater directly to the growing beds. The technology allows the plants to be grown with entirely natural substances.

The fish-fed rooftop garden demonstrates one of the more natural ways that consumers can grow their own produce in the urban environment.