The April 2012 Dazed & Confused Bette Franke Editorial is Otherwordly

The April 2012 Dazed & Confused editorial is set in a whimsical pastel-colored bedroom. Dutch model Bette Franke conjures up images of a wondrous Marie Antoinette in the spread with Victorian-style formal dresses and lacy embellishments. Despite this historic theme, the images and ensembles featured therein are hardly predictable, bringing eccentric props and cosmetics to the fore.

This Dazed & Confused spread was shot by photographer Jeff Bark, who has delivered an epic display of fashion here in an inventive manner. Franke is found toting a small cat and a vintage record player, merging incongruous motifs altogether. The ensembles selected here are also incredibly detailed with attention to plastic bows, dainty lingerie and even a set of electric bright-pink roller skates. This striking production will surely be seared into the minds of viewers for quite some time.