Yesenin's Upscale Dishes Include Chopped Sirloin Tartare and Honey Ivlev

 - Nov 3, 2015
Yesenin's appetizer menu consists of upscale dishes that will appeal to well-traveled foodies. The Moscow tavern is not only famous for its elegant decor but is also home to artisanal dishes like 'Chopped Sirloin Tartare,' served with signature French fries and ciabatta loaves along with desserts that include blancmange made with fresh violets and a culturally-themed 'Honey Ivlev' creation.

Other standouts from this appetizer menu include a potato cream soup that is infused with truffles and served with potato pie -- a modern version of an authentic Russian meal. Furthermore, the restaurant's other notable menu items include 'Languish' that blends mini squid with a tomato cream sauce.

Adding to its appeal, this menu offers artful presentation and will leave foodies feeling satisfied and visually stimulated.