This Mexican Apartment Complex Project Was Designed By Zaha Hadid

 - May 15, 2015
References: zaha-hadid & gizmag
Zaha Hadid Architects group has churned out lots of memorable and forward-looking architectural projects all over the world, but this apartment complex project in the Huajuco Canyon in Monterrey, Mexico, marks the first project by the legendary Iraqi-British architect in Mexico.

This apartment complex takes a rough U-shape and features a number of homes including small 45 square meter lofts and large four bedroom apartments are big as 165 square meters. Occupants will enjoy a public park, clubhouse, cafe, exercise room and a reading room. A chapel, picnic areas, amphitheater and extensive gardens will also be available.

While we're used to apartment complex projects being high-rises, this particular one rather borrows from local architectural language and the tradition of interlocking lattice shapes, and gives it a modern and luxurious twist.