Peripheriques Marin+trottin Architectes' Structure is Eye-Catching

This apartment complex design in Paris is completed by local architecture firm Peripheriques Marin+Trottin Architectes. Without a doubt, the exterior of the building has a striking presence -- one that surely engages the audience, while simultaneously providing a sculptural accent to the neighborhood.

The design by Peripheriques Marin+Trottin Architectes is highly interesting on two accounts. For one, the wavy aesthetic of the balconies challenges the conventional notions of the towering structure. The perforated ribbon, on the other hand, captivates by way of texture.

Peripheriques Marin+Trottin Architectes' apartment complex design is meant to redefine the site of the Parisian island, transforming the industrial presence into the Ile-Saint-Denis river eco-district.

Photo Credits: Sergio Grazia