Bioderma's Cicabio Crème Addresses Skin Damage & Dryness

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: bioderma
This anti-inflammatory cream by Bioderma offers relief to the irritated and damaged skin by providing systemic epidermal reconstruction. Applied twice daily until the problematic area subsides, the Cicabio Crème does not only moisturize and soothe but also adds a semi-occlusive protective layer to prevent further irritation. In addition to Centella Asiatica, which is the main anti-inflammatory ingredient in Bioderma's product, the Cicabio Crème is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and boasts Zinc that prevents bacterial proliferation.

Bioderma further enriches the formula of the anti-inflammatory cream by infusing it with an "innovative active ingredient" called Antalgicine. This, in addition to the integral Centella Asiatica herbal extract, allows the skincare product to execute a dual function — to soothe the skin and to provide quick relief, ultimately reducing the need to scratch.