Artist Anthony Michael Simon Impresses with Colorful Spiderweb Art

 - Jan 2, 2013
References: mymodernmet & neatorama
Artist Anthony Michael Simon makes use of unusual organic material to create spectacular pieces of colorful art.

Though the bright uses of color may throw some off, the material used is in fact actual webs spun by spiders. The artist was given the idea to create art out of the arachnids self-created homes while exploring the forest in Korea, where he still currently resides. Since then, the artist has been continuously inspired by the organic material. This is an even greater feat especially when considering how delicate and easily breakable the material can be. So as not to damage the web too much, Anthony Michael Simon makes use of spray paint to color the webs the various bright and bold colors.

Continuing to keep his works of art in pristine condition, the multicolored spiderweb art is an aesthetically stimulating sight.